About Me

My first book – and the first book in the PROJECT WOLF series – is now live on AMAZON.




Holly Falls is the perfect town for Abby Summers to lick her wounds after her nightmare marriage to millionaire Carter Banks crashes and burns. It’s a sleepy little town where nothing exciting ever happens.

Except, no one told that to Chris, a sexy Australian commando on the run from a top secret military team of augmented super soldiers. He is faster, stronger, and more deadly than any man. But that kind of power comes at a price—his animal instincts fill him with a terrible lust for blood.

When Abby and Chris meet, they unleash passions that neither can understand—or control. And when there’s a beast inside you, losing control isn’t just dangerous… it’s deadly!

Hungering for each other, hunted by enemies from their pasts, they must confront their hidden natures, their animal instincts… and themselves.

If you loved True Blood, you will love this fast, funny, sexy thrill ride.



I’m a country girl who loves the big, wild world.

I’ve come down from the hills to travel so you never know where my posts will be coming from.

But, at heart, I’m never happier than when I’m sitting in front of an open fireplace with a good book (or my laptop or tablet!) and a big mug of hot chocolate. Author-Picture


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